Terms & conditions

I. General terms and conditions

The following rules describe terms and conditions of the online shop www.cardinbox.net/www.cardinbox.ru (hereinafter Shop). Cardinbox brand is owned and the Shop is managed by individual proprietor Olga Solovey, based in Yoshkar-Ola, Zarubina str., 57b/4, Russia, postal code 424003.

Terms and conditions specify process of purchasing the products through the online Shop. Compliance with these terms and conditions is mandatory for both the Seller and the Customer.

All products offered by the Shop are brand-new and free from any physical or legal faults and have been legally introduced to global market. The Shop owns copyright licenses to copy and distribute all images available at cardinbox.net/cardinbox.ru.

Placing an order means that Customer understands and accepts following terms and conditions.

II. Customer registration

Orders can be placed online through an special form available at the cardinbox.net/cardinbox.ru.

Orders can be placed by Customers which may be private individuals (over the age of 18 or younger, provided that they have permission from their parents or other legal representatives over the age of 18) or legal entities

When registering, Customers are required to provide accurate and true information about themselves. Providing incorrect information may result in lack of possibility to process an order.

Customers' personal data is collected for shop purposes only and is processed for purposes of Seller's economic activity and for means of promotion and advertisement, adhering to security measures in accordance with the Russian Federal Act “On Personal Data” №152-FZ of 27th July 2006. For more information about personal data usage by the Shop, please refer to “Privacy policy” page.

III. Ordering procedure

Orders are accepted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through Shop websites.

Orders are processed and shipped usually not more than in 3 business days. The term may increase slightly during the sales and coupon activities.

Once an order has been placed, Customer will receive confirmation email. Other emails are sent after following actions: payment successfully received by Seller, order is accepted to processing, order was shipped to Customer.

Contract between Customer and Seller becomes bound when Customer confirms an order.

Placed and unpaid order can be cancelled by Shop administrator or by the Customer himself. Paid order cannot be cancelled.

IV. Order processing

Orders are sent to the processing when a payment is received by Seller in full amount. Unpaid orders will not be processed.

Unless otherwise stated all order are shipped via Russian Post priority service. Tracking number is provided in the shipment confirmation letter. When placing an order, Customer agrees for the use and processing of Customer's personal data by Russian Post for the purpose of delivery of shipment.

V. Prices of products and payment processing

All prices at cardinbox.net/cardinbox.ru are in Russian Rubles (RUB).

Once the order has been placed, product prices listed in order confirmation cannot be changed.

At other times Seller reserves the right to change prices and product features and introducing new products.

For payment Customer may chose one of following payment methods:

-          payment using credit card via Yandex.Kassa (money.yandex.ru) service

-          PayPal (credit card or funds from personal account)

VI. Returns and complaints

In case of technical defects found or damages received during transportation, Customer is pleased to contact the Shop using email. Any complaints will be processed as soon as possible but not longer than 7 days. Damaged goods will be replaced and if it is impossible (for example, out of stock at the moment of complaint), Seller will refund to the Customer equivalent price of the product or offer other goods available in the Shop as a replacement.

VII. Conclusions

In matters not regulated by the present Terms & Conditions provisions of the Civil Code of Russian Federation shall apply.

ք - All prices are in rubles


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